• Light Moisture
  • Light Moisture

    Light Moisture

    Nourish your skin and fight premature aging with our Light Moisture for men. This daily moisturizer is made with premium ingredients for quick absorption and a non-greasy finish.

    • Lightweight, non-pore clogging oils nourish without causing acne
    • Premium silicone enhances feel and longevity
    • Squalane boosts hydration and collagen production
    • Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan

    In a 4.2 fl oz / 125ml bottle, Light Moisture provides a lasting supply of hydration. Say goodbye to greasy residues and hello to refreshed, youthful skin with every use.

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    • Apply a nickel-sized amount of lotion to your face and neck once daily after using the charcoal cleanser or showering, ensuring even distribution and absorption into the skin.