• Exfoliate Wash
  • Exfoliate Wash

    Exfoliate Wash

    Discover the gentle exfoliation your skin craves with our Exfoliate Wash for men. Designed for daily use, this essential product replaces traditional body washes, offering a unique scrub particle in a gentle formula for healthy and refreshed skin.

    • Mild surfactant blend for balanced skin
    • Menthol for an energizing feel
    • Silica scrub particle, eco-friendly, absorbs excess oil

    In an 8.45 fl oz / 250ml bottle, our Exfoliate Wash provides a lasting solution for clean and invigorated skin. Experience the refreshing cleanse and gentle exfoliation that leaves your skin feeling revitalized and deeply cleansed, all while being gentle enough for daily use.

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    • For full-body use below the neck, apply a quarter-sized amount of liquid either rubbed between your palms or with a loofah/washcloth every time you shower, up to twice daily.