How long does my order take to ship from your warehouse?

If placed before 2pm CST your order will ship the same day, if placed after 2pm CST your order will ship the following day. 

How long will my order take to arrive?

Most orders will arrive within the United States within 3 business days once the order has shipped. Orders may take longer to arrive during holiday periods where the shipping carriers may experience delays.

How often should your products be used?

For the best results use our products consistently every day as part of your personal care routine. Think of your hair and skin care regime a little bit like a fitness regime - stick with it over time and the results compound. 

Should I use the cleanser in the shower or at the sink?

We have customers who love doing either! This is totally personal preference but we do find it easier to wash out in the shower particularly if you have facial hair. 

Is the Light Moisture face lotion supposed to sting or tingle?

A mild stinging or tingling sensation for a few seconds after applying is totally normal with that product due to the high active ingredient content. You may experience it a little more strongly if you’ve shaved recently and the sensation may fade as you use the product consistently over time. If you have a severe reaction or any sort of allergic reaction immediately contact your dermatologist or physician. 

Does the Light Moisture face lotion offer UV Protection?

It does not, and you should still use sunscreen to help prevent sunburn and premature aging during periods of significant sun exposure. 

Where are your formulas manufactured?

Right here in the United States of America from ultra-premium ingredients sourced all over the world!

Do you test your product on animals?

We never have and never will. 

Is your manufacturing facility FDA registered?

We manufacture our formulas in a facility in the midwestern United States that is FDA registered, ISO certified and adheres to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) including undergoing regular auditing.

Is your plastic packaging recyclable?

Yes! Please check with your local recycling programs to find out which locations accept our style of containers.