Guys deserve better products

In 2019, two best friends, Michael and David, set out to make a simpler, better hair and skincare routine for guys. They found many of their friends went for beard oils and skin serums before first establishing a foundational routine for healthier and better looking hair and skin. The reason - the products for guys were low-quality and the high-quality products were not made for guys. New Matter is here to bring guys superior product quality in formulas and a complete routine made for men.

Meet the complete routine

Before developing the line we asked ourselves, "which hair and skincare products do guys actually use?" The answer was clear: Shampoo, Body Wash, Face Cleanser and Face Moisturizer. Theses four items allow men to cleanse and nourish their hair and skin from head to toe everyday. One key element of a full care routine was missing - exfoliation. We decided to add a gentle scrub to our shampoo and body wash and now guys have a complete foundational routine made just for them.

The 3 key ingredients

In order to get the full benefits of using better for your products, it is essential they feature a vitamin, protein and extract. These nutrients help optimize for healthier and stronger hair and skin. Ingredients we value and have added to every formula are marine collagen, avocado extract and vitamin E. All three are now part of your daily New Matter routine to help you look and feel your best today and into the future. As we develop more products, the key three ingredients will continue to be a staple of our formulation approach.

Made in the USA

One of the values we hold dearest is supporting local jobs. We are proud to help employ folks through our product development, packaging, manufacturing and fulfillment practices. As two friends who spent time growing up in Missouri and around the US, we have seen the impact of production going overseas. We stand to help grow the local economy and hope to do all we can to do our part.