The Most User-Friendly Desktop 3D Printer

With a simple interface, incredible performance, and unmatched customer support, the MOD-t is the perfect match for anyone looking to bring their imagination to life. Start making great things today!

Engineered for reliability.

The MOD-t is an ultra low maintenance and highly consistent 3D printer.

Less is more.

The minimalist design of the MOD-t is pleasing to the eye and is as beautiful as it is innovative.

Designed for simplicity.

The MOD-t features an ingeniously simple way to move the print bed that requires fewer parts than other 3D printers.

Created with the user in mind.

The MOD-t was designed to be used and showcased in the home and developed to work seamlessly with the New Matter Store.

Bring the innovation of 3D printing to your home

With hardware and software designed for simplicity, reliability, and intuitive operation, the MOD-t brings the creative excitement of 3D printing to everyone. The MOD-t is also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to print directly from the New Matter Store using your desktop computer or mobile device.