New to 3D Printing? Start Here.

If you're a novice in the technical world of 3D printing, fear not. We’ve compiled some of our most helpful posts from #MadeWithMODt and the New Matter blog to help you get acquainted with the basics of 3D printing in the classroom. Click the content below to learn more.

MOD-t Basics: 3D Printing 101, A Beginner's Guide

What is 3D printing? How does it work, and what is it used for? This introductory overview answers these questions and more, detailing the history of 3D printing, key terms and definitions, and the technology that drives our own MOD-t.

Teach me!

My First Prints: King Tiki

In this first print, you’ll learn all about the basics of 3D printing on the MOD-t with the King Tiki print from the New Matter Store. This is the perfect print for learning about printing from the store, fused filament fabrication and build envelope.

Take me to King Tiki

My First Prints: Surface Adhesion and the Bump Dominoes

In this second print, you’ll learn how to use and maintain the MOD-t’s print surface plate. The Bump Dominoes print from the New Matter Store has multiple pieces on one build plate, making first layer adhesion critical. If one domino doesn’t stick to the build plate, well…

I'd like to learn about adhesion!

My First Prints: Supports and the Army Gurlz Machina Figurine

In this third print, you’ll learn all about the role of supports in 3D printing more challenging objects like the Army Gurlz Machina Figurine. Find out how supports can help your MOD-t conquer tricky angles, overhangs and bridges.

Show me the supports!