There’s no such thing as a bad question, especially when it comes to 3D printing. The MOD-t is a unique machine and 3D printing is a fresh technology.

Sometimes, you might have MOD-t questions that aren’t worth a Customer Support call or a tweet, but are still worth you learning the answer. We thought we’d address those questions for you here and save you some time!

1) Where’s the power button?

You didn’t see it? It’s right on the…

Just kidding. There isn’t one! We wanted the MOD-t to be as simple as possible, so there’s only one button and it does NOT control power. Instead, the front button controls printing and pausing.

To turn off your MOD-t, simply unplug it. To turn your MOD-t off and on, you can power-cycle by unplugging the MOD-t and plugging it back in.

Simply unplug your MOD-t to turn it off.
Simply unplug your MOD-t to turn it off.

2) My filament broke. What now?

Depends! If your filament snapped before entering the MOD-t’s rear filament entry port, your MOD-t likely noticed and paused your print job for you. You can unload the snapped filament and reload new filament. Here’s a fancy guide to changing your filament.

If your MOD-t didn’t notice the snap or if the break happened in the clear tube, you can pause your print yourself by firmly pressing the MOD-t’s front button. Once your print is paused, unload and load again! (Of course, don’t forget to resume your paused print by firmly pressing the front button after you’ve re-loaded filament.)

3) I made this awesome thing on TinkerCAD. How do I print it?

We love TinkerCAD! What’d you make? Share it with us over social media using #MadeWithMODt!

Save a TinkerCAD design by selecting “Download for 3D Printing” under the “Design” drop down menu. Save your design as an .STL or .OBJ file.Untitled_Clipping_030816_020348_PM

You can customize print settings through Cura, or you can easily print your design through the New Matter Store. Upload the file to your library, select quality and support settings and print!

4) Is it okay if I open the carriage?

NO. Pretty please, do not do this. Unless you have special instructions from a member of the Customer Service team or it is the Zombie Apocalypse and you need a place to stash your last $100, DO NOT DO THIS. It will void your warranty.

"Don't open the carriage." - Rick Grimes
“Don’t open the MOD-t carriage.” – Actual quote from Rick Grimes

5) What is GCode?

GCode is the special language your printer uses. It tells the MOD-t where to go, layer by layer, to create your print. When you use Advanced Mode on the desktop app, that’s the type of file you’ll need to upload. If you open GCode using an application like Notepad, you’ll notice it looks like this:

Whatever you say, MOD-t!


6) What do the different flashing lights mean?

The flashing lights mean lots of things! When your design is being sent to the printer, the rapidly flashing light means it’s okay to press the front button to initiate your print job.

Press the fast-blinking button and you're print will automatically start once file transfer is complete.
Fast-Blinking Front Button: Ready to Go!

The slow flashing means your printer has received the design and is printing.

The MOD-t’s Way of Saying “I’m working on it!”

When a print is paused (either by the user or because of a filament snap), the light will blink quickly again.

A solid light means your printer is Idle.

7) What are the cutters and the wire brush for?

Use your cutters to clips ends of filament. You’ll need a freshly-cut end when you load filament. You can also use the cutters to clean up prints, though we suggest investing in a nice pair of cuticle clippers for best finishing results.

You can use the wire brush to clear excess filament from the extruder nozzle and to rough up the build plate. Not sure what the latter means? You can check out this blog post on build plate adhesion tips to learn more.

8) Can I leave my filament in the MOD-t?

Yes and no. We suggest unloading your filament after each use so that you can properly store it. Keeping your filament in the MOD-t could expose the filament to the elements, dust, and harsh angles. All of these can cause filament snaps.

9) What are the parts of the MOD-t called?

Quick MOD-t anatomy lesson:

front mod tmod t back

10) Can I print two colors at once?

Nope. That would require a dual-extrusion printer. You can print two-tone designs, though. Check out this  blog on filament to find out how!

Any other questions for us? Feel free to ask in the comments or ask via Twitter or Facebook.




  1. David Coco

    How can I control the motion and temperature of the machine using machine control on my computer?

  2. Johnson Hwang

    Do we have to apply and sticky surface for the print to stay on the Build Tray?

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