3D Printing Pals: An Interview with @FlamingPrints

Today marks the first day of our 3D Printing Pals Interview series! In the coming weeks, we will be releasing interviews with social media influencers and educators every Friday. Tune in to hear our interviewees talk about their experience with … Read More

Product Update: A-Z Sorting In The New Matter Store Library

One of our most requested New Matter Store features is here! A-Z sorting allows you to quickly alphabetize the files in your design library so that they can be better organized and easier to access. To sort your library files, … Read More

Product Update: Custom Settings in the New Matter Store

It’s one of our most requested features, and now it’s here! Today, we unveiled advanced, custom print¬†settings in the New Matter Store. Now, you can adjust infill, supports, adhesion support, and more without using an outside slicer program. Of course, … Read More