Head to Head: Bold vs. Pearl Filament

Variety is the spice of life, they say, and we at New Matter make it part of what we do regularly. In fact, this axiom applies most often to our PLA filament. For example, if you go to the New … Read More

How To: Load and Unload Filament

Incorrectly loading or unloading filament can cause frustration, confusion, and, sometimes, severe damage to the MOD-t. The processes themselves are very simple, but it’s normal to encounter issues from time to time. Follow the step-by-step guides below to learn how … Read More

Tips & Tricks: Make the Most of Your Filament

As we mentioned in our Build Plate Maintenance post, the MOD-t uses PLA – a plant-based, non-toxic filament. PLA behaves like many other plastics: it’s flexible, but it can still break. Plastics are¬†complicated and can be unpredictable from time to … Read More