Tips & Tricks: Make the Most of Your Filament

As we mentioned in our Build Plate Maintenance post, the MOD-t uses PLA – a plant-based, non-toxic filament. PLA behaves like many other plastics: it’s flexible, but it can still break. Plastics are complicated and can be unpredictable from time to … Read More

Tips & Tricks: Did You Know…

The interface of the New Matter 3D printing ecosystem is clean and intuitive. There’s only one button on the MOD-t and printing designs from the New Matter Store is simple. Still, there are a few clever hacks to help you make the … Read More

How To: Format Your Own Models for the MOD-t

Printing your own designs using the MOD-t can be an exhilarating experience. Seeing something you’ve created appear layer by layer is very rewarding, but it’s only possible if your design’s size, angles, and orientation are compatible with the MOD-t. Here are some … Read More

Tips & Tricks: Build Plate Maintenance

One of the highest reported print issues is a surface adhesion failure. MOD-t surface plates last 30-50 prints, and proper build plate maintenance can help you maximize your plate’s lifespan and ensure your prints’ success. It’s easy to prevent adhesion failures and even easier … Read More