Today, we released USB Mode for the MOD-t. It’s an exciting new development in our Utility App (1.40) and we can’t wait for you to try it.

If your MOD-t cannot connect to Wi-Fi, USB Mode allows you to connect your MOD-t to the Store through your computer.

You might need to use USB Mode if your Wi-Fi is not compatible with the MOD-t or if you use hard-wired Ethernet to connect to the Internet. Examples of incompatible Wi-Fi networks are:

  • 5GHz networks
  • WPA Enterprise networks
  • Networks with security settings that the MOD-t does not support

When using USB Mode, a MOD-t without a Wi-Fi connection will appear to be online and you can use all of the functions of the Store like printing designs, changing filament, and checking your MOD-t’s status.

You can still use the other functions in the MOD-t Utility App when you are on USB Mode. That means, users can still use the Utility App to send GCode files, load and unload filament, upgrade firmware, etc.

To use USB Mode:

1) When you open the MOD-t Utility App, you will be prompted to update the application to version 1.40 . You must update the application to access USB Mode. You should also update your firmware to version 11.0 as this is also required for USB Mode.

2) Connect your MOD-t to your Internet-connected computer using the USB cable provided with your MOD-t.

3) To access USB Mode settings, open the MOD-t Utility App and go into Printer Settings.

4) Click on USB Mode.

Menu option1

5) Select both boxes.


6) Check the bottom of the Utility App for confirmation that your MOD-t is connected to the Internet via USB Mode.


7) You must keep the USB cable connected to the MOD-t to interact with your MOD-t during USB Mode. However, you may disconnect your MOD-t from your computer once a print job is sent or you have finished interacting with your MOD-t (just like you would when using your USB cord in the Utility App).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below in the comments or contact Customer Support. We hope you enjoy this new update!


  1. Henrik Sozzi

    What’s the software on the upper screenshot? This update is very welcome and useful but having a more technical status monitor of the print would be so nice… With a CANCEL button (from the print queue store too!!!)

    • Madison

      The software in the main photo is just for show and not related to the MOD-t, but we’re glad you like the update! You can cancel prints by pausing the job and then holding the front panel button for 8-9 seconds. You can read more about using the front button to cancel jobs here!

  2. George

    This is awesome! Thanks New Matter!

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