A Message from Our CEO Regarding Our Permanent Closure

In 2014, New Matter began our journey to make 3D printing accessible and affordable to homes and classrooms across the country. We introduced the MOD-t, the world’s most elegantly simple 3D printer, and sold more than ten thousand units to enthusiasts, kids, parents, and schools around the globe.

With that as our history, we regret to announce that New Matter will be winding down its operations and will close the company effective February 28, 2018. It has become clear that our aspirations to transform the industry simply don’t fit profitably into the current market dynamics in desktop 3D printing.

Even though the company itself will no longer be around, we have taken steps to make this transition as smooth as possible for MOD-t users. In particular, we intend to keep the New Matter Store operational through mid-summer 2018, and we will make limited technical support available through mid-summer as well. After that time, your MOD-t will lose its Wi-Fi functionality but will still operate via the USB connection and the MOD-t desktop app.

For more information on our support and service during the transition period, and for answers to other questions you might have about your MOD-t, please see the FAQ below.

Most importantly, we want to thank all of you who have supported us. Despite our disappointment with this outcome, the whole New Matter team is nonetheless proud of what we’ve accomplished over the last four years, and we recognize that we simply could not have achieved what we have without your enthusiasm and encouragement.


Steve Schell, CEO


When will New Matter cease day-to-day operations?

New Matter expects to cease day-to-day operations on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. After that date, users of our products will still be able to receive technical support by emailing hello@newmatter.com. We currently expect that technical support for our products will remain active until mid-summer 2018. Additionally, we aim to support currently-active product warranties and have made provisions to do so for as long as possible. We do expect that the response time for technical and warranty support will slow down somewhat after February 28, 2018, but after that date we will do our absolute best to answer any questions and provide technical support in a timely fashion for as long as we are able to do so.

What about the warranty on my MOD-t?

All MOD-t 3D printers sold before Thursday, January 4, 2018 came with a standard 90-day warranty on workmanship. We will continue to honor the 90-day warranty on all MOD-t 3D printers purchased before January 4, 2018 for as long as we’re able to do so, and are retaining a limited staff of technical support agents to assist existing customers with any issues that may arise. Should your MOD-t 3D printer develop any issues, contact our technical support department by emailing hello@newmatter.com for further assistance.

How long will the New Matter Store be available?

We intend to keep the New Matter Store online and available for as long as possible, ideally until mid-summer 2018. After that time, MOD-t users will still be able to print by installing an updated version of our MOD-t Printer Tool desktop software available for free download here. Once the updated version of our software has been installed, you will then need to download and install a 3rd party “slicer” software application (we recommend a free program called Cura) to convert your 3D files to G-code and send them to your MOD-t through our MOD-t Printer Tool software application. Complete instructions outlining this process can be found on our blog by clicking here.

This final version of the MOD-t Printer Tool also includes a firmware update for the MOD-t. It’s very important to understand that this firmware version will disable the Wi-Fi functionality of the MOD-t, so once you update the firmware your MOD-t will no longer connect to the New Matter Store, even if the Store is still functional. In addition, the firmware and desktop app also include some improvements which you’ll see as faster printing and improved print quality. If you update the firmware and wish to roll back to the previous version for any reason before Feb. 28, 2018, you can visit our original desktop software setup site, redownload the previous version of the MOD-t Printer Tool software, do a full install (choose the “Set up my MOD-t and desktop software” option after starting the installer), and your MOD-t will roll back to the previous version of the firmware. Doing this will restore your MOD-t’s WiFi functionality and allow you to reconnect the printer to our website until such time that the New Matter Store goes offline.

Finally, please note that we’ve recently added the ability to download your STL files from your New Matter Store library. If you’ve uploaded designs to your library and have lost track of the original file, we recommend that you download them now while the Store is still live. This download feature is also available for public Store designs which New Matter designed, but not for designs provided by third-party designers. To download designs from your library on the New Matter Store, begin by choosing the item from your library by clicking on its portrait. Once an item has been selected, you will be able to download the .STL file(s) by clicking the links provided. The download links are located on the right hand side of the screen, just beneath the “Description”, “Categories”, and “Tags” headings.

What does this mean for my MOD-t? Once the New Matter Store goes offline will I still be able to use my printer or will it become a brick?

Your MOD-t will still be able to 3D print after our website, the New Matter Store, goes offline. In order to do so, you will need to download and install our updated MOD-t Printer Tool software (available for free download here) and use a 3rd party “slicer” application to prepare your 3D files for printing through our software. We have prepared a post on our blog that outlines the entire process for creating G-code with Cura and sending it to your MOD-t through our desktop software application. Please click here for detailed instructions outlining this process.

Users who prefer not to download and install Cura can continue to “slice” their 3D designs into G-code through a website called Astroprint. For a more detailed look at the process for converting your 3D files into G-code using Astroprint, please see this video.

What happens to New Matter’s customer support/service? How will I get help for my MOD-t?

If you experience trouble with your MOD-t or have general support questions, our technical support department will remain available to assist you by email at hello@newmatter.com.

We currently expect our technical support department to remain available via email for as long as possible, ideally until mid-summer 2018.

We will continue to offer both email and phone support until Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

What should I do when I need new filament in the future? Can any filament work?

PLA filament that is compatible with the MOD-t is available through a variety of retailers. Please make sure to use only 100% PLA in the 1.75mm diameter size. Avoid the use of hybrid PLA filaments such as flexible PLA, glow-in-the-dark PLA, and PLA infused with wood or metal, as these kinds of materials can become jammed or clogged inside the MOD-t system.

What do I do when I need a new print surface plate? What are my options?

Worn MOD-t print surfaces can often be rejuvenated with a bit of maintenance. If your print jobs are no longer remaining fixed to your MOD-t’s print surface plate, try cleaning your print surface with warm water and dish soap, a citrus-based OXY cleaner, or use a 400-500 grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface of your print surface to create a fresh texture that extruded PLA will stick well to. Additionally, many users have had good luck applying blue painter’s tape on top of a worn print surface plate, or even directly to the steel beneath it and eliminating the print surface plate entirely (although this makes prints somewhat difficult to remove).

Beyond those options, MOD-t users can consider the purchase of a 3rd party print surface option such as the products offered by BuildTak (a flexible, adhesive print surface that can be cut to size and applied directly to the MOD-t’s print tray).

What do I do when I need a replacement hot end component?

The MOD-t’s hot end component is a specialized item that cannot be repaired once it has failed. We will have a limited number of these specialized parts available for users whose MOD-t hot end component fails during the 90-day warranty period, and a limited number of these parts available for sale after the company closure. In an effort to curb hoarding of these highly specialized parts, we reserve the right to limit the distribution of replacement hot end components to users whose hot end component has actually failed.

The best way to keep your MOD-t’s hot end working is to always use compatible PLA filament with your MOD-t, and to follow the proper procedure for loading and unloading filament from your MOD-t. For additional information regarding the proper procedure for loading and unloading filament from your MOD-t, please click here.

What about other parts for the MOD-t? Print trays, filament guide tubes, power supply bricks, circuit boards, clear covers, or parts inside the carriage or base of the unit?

With the exception of the power supply, all of the parts mentioned in this question will become unavailable after the dissolution of New Matter. Some of the parts listed above, such as filament tubes, print trays, and clear covers will be available in very limited quantities to users whose MOD-t printers are still covered under warranty. Contact hello@newmatter.com for availability.

If you should need a replacement power supply for your MOD-t, look for a universal adapter with the following specifications:

Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 75W

Output: +24V, 2.5A

What about your other products, e.g. the Quil and the scanner? Will those become unavailable? And what about support for those?

We will no longer continue to sell the Quil 3D printing pen or the Matter and Form 3D Scanner.

Users who have technical support questions regarding the Quil 3D printing pen should contact hello@newmatter.com.

The Matter and Form 3D scanner is a device that will continue to be supported by its manufacturer. Users with questions about the Matter and Form 3D scanner should contact Matter and Form directly via email at support@matterandform.net.

Will you be open-sourcing your software/firmware/API?

Unfortunately, no. Due to legal and business related circumstances, we will not be able to “open-source” the MOD-t’s software/firmware/API.

Will there be any kind of “going-out-of-business” sale on filament or print surfaces?

Yes. The sale will be active as of February 7, 2018. Many items are only available in limited qualities and once they are sold out they will not be restocked again in the future. Please feel free to click the links below to jump directly to our various available products. As always, we offer free shipping to the contiguous US for orders over $50.

Click here for filament

Click here for replacement print surfaces

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