Great 3D Printing Projects for Rain or Snow Days

Whether the weather is snowy or rainy, sometimes it can keep you inside and bored. Entertain yourself, or your kids, with these awesome projects using your MOD-t! Bulk Up Your Brain with a Puzzle The New Matter Store has no shortage of puzzles … Read More

Designer Spotlight: 3DShook

We recently partnered with 3DShook, a 3D design company, to get you even more great things to print. Ranging from free to $4, the 3DShook design collection is awesome and affordable. Right now, there are 28 kookily named and creatively designed 3DShook … Read More

How To: Use Cura with the MOD-t

For users who wish to operate their MOD-t while offline, or who want extra control over their print jobs (such as adding multiple files to a single print job), we suggest using Cura, an easy-to-understand “slicing” program. Slicers break down … Read More

13 Prints to Surprise Your Sweetie

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Up your gifting game using the MOD-t and the New Matter Store. From multi-piece projects to quick prints (for the Cupid on a time-crunch), the New Matter Store is full of designs for your darling. … Read More

Tips & Tricks: Make the Most of Your Filament

As we mentioned in our Build Plate Maintenance post, the MOD-t uses PLA – a plant-based, non-toxic filament. PLA behaves like many other plastics: it’s flexible, but it can still break. Plastics are complicated and can be unpredictable from time to … Read More

January New Matter Design Roundup

Ever wonder what your fellow MOD-t users are making? We have answers! Introducing our new monthly design roundup. Each month, we’ll post five of the most downloaded items from the New Matter Store. Of course, you can always peek at the … Read More

Firmware Release Notes: Version 0.9.0

We’ve released a new version of our firmware. Update your MOD-t’s firmware to version 0.9.0 to enjoy these two new features and several improvements. Front Panel Flashing When you send a file to your MOD-t, the front LED will now start … Read More

Tips & Tricks: Did You Know…

The interface of the New Matter 3D printing ecosystem is clean and intuitive. There’s only one button on the MOD-t and printing designs from the New Matter Store is simple. Still, there are a few clever hacks to help you make the … Read More

12 Essential Designs for the Home

One of the great benefits of owning a 3D printer is the convenience of printing household necessities with the push of a button. You can organize your things, decorate your home, and personalize any space using 3D-printed goods. The New … Read More

Get a MOD-t into Your Classroom

Teachers are tasked with a sometimes daunting challenge: capturing the attention of a variety of students with a variety of learning styles. They work tirelessly to find new strategies and technologies to present information and hold their students’ interests. One great … Read More