CUE Meets New Matter and the MOD-t

Last week, our team hit the road and trekked out to Palm Springs for the CUE National Conference. CUE is an organization that “inspires innovative learners by fostering community, personalizing learning, infusing technology, developing leadership, and advocating educational opportunities for all.” … Read More

3D Printing 101: Supports

We’ve talked about supports in previous blog posts, but we want to give a more in-depth explanation of the types of supports, the default supports on the store, and the ways you can use supports to salvage an otherwise un-printable … Read More

3D Printing 101: A Beginner’s Guide

3D printers are a very new technology and as a MOD-t user, you’re one of the first consumers to use one. That’s why you’ve probably been asked these questions by your friends and family: Does it just create things out of thin air … Read More

Tips & Tricks: There’s No Such Thing As A Bad MOD-t Question!

There’s no such thing as a bad question, especially when it comes to 3D printing. The MOD-t is a unique machine and 3D printing is a fresh technology. Sometimes, you might have MOD-t questions that aren’t worth a Customer Support call or … Read More

Product Update: USB Mode

Today, we released USB Mode for the MOD-t. It’s an exciting new development in our Utility App (1.40) and we can’t wait for you to try it. If your MOD-t cannot connect to Wi-Fi, USB Mode allows you to connect your MOD-t to … Read More

Educate & Inspire Grant Winners Announced!

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our Educate & Inspire Grant! We launched this grant program to recognize and reward schools, universities, and school districts with exciting and innovative plans to integrate the MOD-t into the classroom. We selected … Read More

How To: Load and Unload Filament

Incorrectly loading or unloading filament can cause frustration, confusion, and, sometimes, severe damage to the MOD-t. The processes themselves are very simple, but it’s normal to encounter issues from time to time. Follow the step-by-step guides below to learn how … Read More

How To: Change Your Hot End

Hot end failures are rare, but they do happen. Sometimes, over-loading or jamming filament can cause the hot end to leak excess or built-up filament. Other times, sharply tugging your filament from the filament feed port can strip your hot end … Read More

Tips & Tricks: Understanding MOD-t Calibration

One of the best (and most unique!) features of the MOD-t is its simple calibration process. The MOD-t uses servo feedback to gracefully calibrate your MOD-t, regardless of your print plate’s starting location. This means, you can place the print … Read More

Our Favorite #MadeWithMODt Community Creations

We love checking out your #MadeWithMODt posts on social media. Seeing all of the amazing things the MOD-t community makes is inspiring and awesome! We’ve rounded up five of our favorite eye-catching designs that MOD-t users made with the MOD-t. Servo Mount … Read More