Our Favorite CAD Design Programs

One of the biggest reasons for buying a 3D printer is for the convenient, custom manufacturing. If you can dream and design a concept, you can print it. There are several CAD (3D design programs) that work for designing 3D … Read More

Tips & Tricks: Tools to Enhance Your MOD-t Experience

The MOD-t is ready for use as soon as you unbox it, however, you might need to buy some additional tools to enhance your printing experience. Whether you’re looking to replace a missing accessory or wanting to add some finishing … Read More

Introducing… New Matter Design Projects

We recently unveiled an exciting addition to the New Matter store: design projects! Using an assortment of hardware (conveniently listed in the PDF instructions) and our free designs, you can build exciting, dynamic creations. To start, we’ve released two of our favorite designs, the … Read More

Firmware Release Notes: Version 0.12.0

We’re releasing our newest firmware this week. It will be released to all of our users in waves. You will be prompted to update your firmware to version 0.12.0 when the firmware is available for your MOD-t . We ask that … Read More

3D Viewer Update

Today, we released a new version of the New Matter Store 3D viewer. This is the screen you see when you upload your own file to the New Matter Store. It’s where you can change the orientation, color, and size of … Read More

Why Do You Need A 3D Printer?

If you’ve only ever heard of 3D printing or your experience with the technology is limited, you might not know how it can fit into your life. In fact, you might not know why you need a 3D printer. We’re flattered the … Read More

Check Out the New Matter Learning Lab

This week, New Matter launched the New Matter Learning Lab, a brand new forum for educators using the MOD-t. It’s a collaborative space where teachers can share troubleshooting tips, lesson plans, and 3D printing success stories. We’ve structured the Learning … Read More

9 Repositories for Awesome Educational Designs

One of the most exciting things about 3D printing in the classroom is being able to bring the world into your students’ hands.  Here are some of our top design repositories to go to for educational manipulatives to print on your MOD-t. … Read More

Grant Spotlight: Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

We recently announced the 100 winners of our Educate and Inspire Grant and we’re distributing 300 MOD-t 3D printers with supplies to these recipients now. These schools were all extraordinarily impressive and we thought we’d spotlight a few of these recipients … Read More

Community Post: How I Used My MOD-t To Get 2nd Place In the Science Olympiad

We love hearing from the #MadeWithMODt community! This week, we’re spotlighting a user who designed and printed a project for a regional Science Olympiad using the MOD-t. Here’s a guest post from Casimir Hixon on how he used his MOD-t to make an … Read More