We love checking out your #MadeWithMODt posts on social media. Seeing all of the amazing things the MOD-t community makes is inspiring and awesome! We’ve rounded up five of our favorite eye-catching designs that MOD-t users made with the MOD-t.

Servo Mount for Pan-and-Tilt Camera – @dylanjchau

Community Creations Using the MOD-t

We love this MOD-t project because it’s full of different components that serve a purpose.  Dylan used Tinkercad to quickly design the pieces for his camera hack and then printed them on the MOD-t. He also used Raspberry Pi to program the platform. Did we mention he won his company’s hackathon with this project? Because he did.

Zombie Bunny – @mdf200

Best of #MadeWithMODt
Skipped prints are salvageable with some creativity!

This is a great example of making lemonade when life gives you lemons! 3D printing is hard, there’s no doubt about that. Print fails are going to happen, even when you’re completely set up for success. That’s why Mike’s failed print is one of our favorites. Instead of trashing his skip-ridden Stanford bunny, he creatively made it into a zombie bunny and was able to salvage his project!

Best Community Makes with the MOD-t
This bunny only wants to eat brains, carrots, and maybe the Kit Kat in the background.



Pebble Smartwatch Mount – @AaronCrocco

We think 3D printing is awesome because you can use it to make your life easier. Use it to create and personalize life hacks, like this Pebble Smartwatch Mount. Aaron made this functional and stylish charging stand for his pebble, and we’re definitely a fan!

Best of #MadeWithMODt

Water Bottle Cap Replacement – @SmokingBottle

Parenting win! One MOD-t user’s replaced his son’s favorite water bottle top after his bottle broke! He designed the lid himself and saved a bottle that was otherwise destined for the trash.

Best of #MadeWithMODt
The new bottle cap in pink. An unbroken, original cap in purple.

Star Ornament – @PeterJCimino

Of course, you don’t have to design your MOD-t prints yourself. You can always use the New Matter Store, like Peter did with this beautiful ornament. Peter printed the Shimmering Star Ornament and hung it on his Christmas tree. We love to see how the community uses the designs from the Store in their own lives.


Which one of these designs do you like best? Think you can top these designs? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

Be sure to post what you make on your MOD-t on social media with #MadeWithMODt so we’ll catch it. Your design could be featured on our blog!

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