We have some very exciting news! The MOD-t recently earned a Seal of Approval from Parent Tested Parent Approved, or PTPA.  Parent Tested Parent Approved awards products approval after an in-depth review. Parents were invited into the PTPA facilities where they reviewed the MOD-t setup, operation, and overall user experience. This approval means the MOD-t is now recommended by North America’s largest parent testing community!


To celebrate, we’re throwing a Twitter party! This Thursday, June 9 2016, you can join New Matter (@newmatter) and PTPA (@PTPA) on Twitter for a New Winners Tweet Chat. Ask us questions about the MOD-t, learn about our product, and ask us why parents and families love to 3D print with our printer! Our Twitter party starts at 9 a.m. (PST) and will last an hour. We’ll be giving away prizes, like a MOD-t, during the party!

Interested in a MOD-t? Learn more about this award-winning printer here and see why PTPA recommends 3D printing with New Matter.


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