We recently partnered with 3DShook, a 3D design company, to get you even more great things to print. Ranging from free to $4, the 3DShook design collection is awesome and affordable.

Right now, there are 28 kookily named and creatively designed 3DShook prints on the New Matter Store. Here are five of our favorites from the exciting collection guaranteed to print on your MOD-t.

Tootsi Bathroom Organizer (FREE)



This is an obvious must-print. Not only is this design FREE, it’s something you probably already need for your home. Keep your toothbrushes off germ-covered bathroom sinks and in an upright position with the Tootsi Bathroom Organizer. (Bonus: You can print the matching FWOL Organizer for your kitchen for just $3!)

Moby Hook ($2)


Add nautical whimsy to your wall with the Moby Hook. Hang towels, robes, coats, and more with this hook named for Herman Melville’s masterpiece.

Sunny Up Key Accessory ($1)


Been itching to try out two-tone printing? The Sunny Up Key Accessory is the perfect choice for testing out this function. Pause your print right before your build reaches the yolk and switch from white to yellow for a realistic egg. Or, channel your inner Dr. Seuss and use green and white filament for a Green Eggs and Ham-inspired keychain!

ARMY Guyz Tim “4Eyes” Figurine ($2)


For the Army-enthusiast, diorama decorator, or model maker – the Tim “4Eyes” scout is an essential print. Print a handful to start building your platoon of scouts!

Doorfor Doorstop ($3)


It doesn’t take much heavy lifting to create this adorable doorstop. Perfect for a child’s room, this little doorstop will prop open doors and add a dash of fun to your decor.

What 3DShook designs are you excited to print? Let us know in the comments! Have you printed any of these designs yourself? Share your creations with us on social media using #MadeWithMODt!


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