Ever wonder what your fellow MOD-t users are making? We have answers! Introducing our new monthly design roundup.

Each month, we’ll post five of the most downloaded items from the New Matter Store. Of course, you can always peek at the things MOD-t users are making by checking out #MadeWithMODt on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Here are five of the New Matter community’s favorite prints for the month of January:

1. Phone Stand (New Matter Design Team, free)

This handy phone stand is consistently the top-downloaded and most printed design in our design store, and we completely understand why. Lightweight and stylish, this phone stand is a must-print for any MOD-t user with a smartphone and a desk.

Phone Stand from the New Matter Design Team
So functional, we can hardly “stand ” it!

2. 3 x 3 Puzzle Cube (New Matter Design Team, free)

For users looking for a challenging activity, the 3 x 3 Puzzle Cube was a go-to print. The 4 x 4 Puzzle Cube was also in the top 10 most downloaded designs. This popular puzzle can print on one print surface plate or as individual prints should you lose a piece!

4 x 4 Puzzle Cube from the New Matter Design Team.
The 4 x 4 Puzzle Cube was also popular with users.

3. Jumbo Chess Set (New Matter Design Team, free)

Speaking of lost pieces, the Jumbo Chess Set was a popular download for MOD-t users looking to replace a missing chess piece or build a new set. Slightly larger than the average chess set, these bold pieces are perfect for the boldest of chess players.

Jumbo Chess Set by the New Matter Design Team.
Bolder pieces for bolder moves.

4. Half Kilo Spool Converter (New Matter Design Team, free)

The MOD-t ships with a half kilogram spool of New Matter Pink filament, so it’s no wonder that the Half Kilo Spool Converter was heavily downloaded and printed. This MOD-t hack converts the provided spool holder into one that snugly fits our smaller spools of filament.

Half Kilo Spool Converter from the New Matter Design Team.
Prevent spool slips and slides with this hack.

5. Emojis! (New Matter Design Team, free)

Much more playful than the other top designs, the Emojis! collection is full of cleverly-designed and emotive little orbs. Whether it be the Blinky, the Devil, the Chill Dude, or the Pukeface, our users were huge fans of these easy-to-print figurines.

Emojis! by the New Matter Design Team.
How MOD-t users feel about Emojis!

Did you print any of these popular designs? Show them off on social media using #MadeWithMODt!


  1. Jesse

    Emojis! My niece would love those.

  2. Cameron

    Thanks for the roundup!

    Can you do a post on best things to print in under 2 hours?

  3. Annette

    Please make more emojis! It’s my favorite collection. I want all of them! Poop, unamused, sleepy. Especially sleepy.

  4. Danny

    The 3×3 Puzzle Cube is a great conversation starter! I had some guests over at my house and they loved trying it out. Bonus points for watching my friends struggle trying to solve it when they realize how deceptively difficult it is.

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