The MOD-t is ready for use as soon as you unbox it, however, you might need to buy some additional tools to enhance your printing experience. Whether you’re looking to replace a missing accessory or wanting to add some finishing touches to a fresh print, we’ve found the best tools for the job!

Razor Blades


We provide a kid-safe plastic scraper in the MOD-t box. This scraper should work, but it’s not as effective as a metal razor blade. Of course we can’t just ship blades to homes and schools around the country, so we suggest you and your class or family decide if a straight razor is right for you. This razor is conveniently contained within a metal handle and is precise enough to scrape and clear excess filament from your print surface plate. We also ask that only adults use the metal razor as it could cause injury if not handled properly.

Wire Brushes 

wire brush

The wire brush that comes with your MOD-t is perfect for roughing up your build plate and clearing filament from the nozzle. Should you lose your brush, however, it’s important that you replace it. You must use a wire brush to prime your print surface plate for print jobs and scratch away excess oily residue from previous prints. The wire brush we recommend is cheap and gets the job done. No need for frills here!

Air Dusters and Citrus Spray


An important part of maintaining the build plate is clearing away any dust or dirt from the surface. Use pressurized air – like a keyboard cleaner – or citrus cleaning spray and a paper towel to wipe down your print surface plate after you clean it. You can read more about how you can use your wire brush and cleaning supplies to take care of your build plate in this blog post.

Medium to Fine Grit Sand Paper       

Smooth the surface of your prints and prepare for finishing with this medium to fine grit sand paper. Most papers will work to work away any roughness, but we like how affordable and easy to cut this sand paper is.

Acyrlic Paints and Paintbrushes


A few coats of paint can transform a print. We recommend acrylic paints for PLA prints. Acrylics are easy to use and dry quickly. With a variety of paintbrushes, you can add artistic details to your prints that you wouldn’t be able to create with just your MOD-t. These brushes and paints are both affordable, and the paint set contains several colors, so the painting options are endless!


Adding three to five coats of Gesso, a canvas primer, can polish your prints. Check out this blog from Pinshape to learn how you can upgrade your PLA prints with this awesome product.

Do you have any other tools you use with your MOD-t? Tell us about them in the comments!



  1. Ramona

    The real razor blade works wonders for maintaining your build plate! It gets the nose wipe strip of filament on the side of the plate in one clean scrape. Just be careful not to scrape too hard, you can literally scrape off pieces of of the build plate.

  2. Tyler

    You can also use ethyl acetate fumes to smooth out prints, however this is definitely not for kids. Also be sure to test it as it can have different results depending on the filament.

    Same general principle as the abs smoothing procedure except you’re using ethyl acetate instead.

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