Variety is the spice of life, they say, and we at New Matter make it part of what we do regularly. In fact, this axiom applies most often to our PLA filament. For example, if you go to the New Matter Store right now, you’ll find 20 different colors of New Matter PLA filament, all optimized for use with your MOD-t printer, in both Bold and Pearl finishes. When it comes time to load your cart and make your decision, though, it can entirely depend on the look you want for your finished print. Bold colors have consistently proven to be a quality choice, with deep, bright hues and a matte finish perfect for many designs found on the New Matter store and elsewhere around the Internet.

But what if you need that high shine? What if you need a look that you can’t necessarily obtain from a Bold filament? For these reasons, we suggest checking out our Pearl varieties.

The biggest reason to go Pearl? The look of your final product. In these side-by-side comparison photos, made by one of the members of our Tech and Customer Support Team using the Dinosaur Stapler Cover from the New Matter store, you can see exactly what we mean:

Dinosaur? More like SHINE-osaur, amirite?

The biggest difference is the high gloss and sheen from the Pearl option on the left, using the Champagne Yellow, versus the right, made with New Matter Pink. It really gives that pop you wouldn’t necessarily get from our Bold varieties.

Another reason would be to cut down on possible post-print processes, such as miniature painting or spray-painting your piece. Here’s another example using Champagne Yellow versus Green Meadow, using a third-party design. 

The difference is clear, and that’s no Lion!

As you can see, with New Matter’s Pearl filament line, you can put the shining spotlight on all your favorite designs with no extra mess and no extra fuss. It’s a real bright idea – zing!

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