Whether the weather is snowy or rainy, sometimes it can keep you inside and bored. Entertain yourself, or your kids, with these awesome projects using your MOD-t!

Stay inside and get to printing!
Try these fun projects when the snow starts piling up.

Bulk Up Your Brain with a Puzzle

The New Matter Store has no shortage of puzzles to play with. From the simple, sliding Quatris Puzzle to the brain-bending bridges of the Arch Puzzle – the design library has you covered. New Matter’s puzzles range in difficulty and age-appropriateness, so little ones can play, too. Keep children busy with Stackabricks, Skeletangrams, or the Jigsaw Fish and Cow!

Build a bridge and get over stormy weather.
Build a bridge and get over stormy weather.

The Arch Puzzle pieces tend to be an overnight print, so set this one the night before expected inclement weather so you can get to puzzling while, outside, it pours!

Become a Railroad Tycoon with the Train Tracks

Build a fantastic train track using your MOD-t, a piece of paper, and a pencil. Sketch out your track design on paper using the available shapes: curves, inclines, declines, flexes, bridges, and straight pieces. Count up the pieces you’ll need and print as you go.

Rainy Day Print Projects

We recommend setting larger pieces, like bridges, overnight so you can spend even more time building.

Create Constellations with the Space Decals

With a little bit of Sticky Tac, glow-in-the-dark spray paint, and this awesome guide to constellations, you can replicate some of the universe’s greatest star formations on your walls and ceilings.

Planets and space shuttle optional.
Planets and space shuttle optional.

Print small, medium, and large classic stars or print the more realistically-shaped alphabet of stars available in our Space Decals collection and get to making! We suggest using natural or white filament to print your stars.

Put In Your Two Cents with the Coin Rolls

This one isn’t as fun, but it’s definitely the most useful! Pull out that jar of extra change and start sorting.



Print nickel, dime, penny, quarter, dollar, and half dollar holders to hold all the pocket change you’ve been putting aside. Keep a stack of paper coin rolls handy and take your extra cash to the bank for a warm weather treat when the snow or rain lets up.

Build a Fleet of Spaceships (And Aliens!) with the UFO Egg Cup

Who says all egg decorating happens in the Spring? Boil up some eggs, grab some paint supplies and create an alien spaceship fleet.

To Eggfinity and Beyond!

Print several UFO Egg Cups in a variety of colors and paint on the details. Then, use paint and dye to make alien pilots for each ship. Of course, you can always take down the extraterrestrials and eat them as a snack should you get hungry from all of your galactic crafting.

Decorate and Dress Up with the Masquerade Mask

Plan for a party when the weather clears up and make it a Masquerade Ball.



Print out a few Masquerade Masks and use sequins, glitter, paint, and feathers to make a mask that’s sure to wow.

Build an Epic Bump Domino Maze… And then Knock It Down!

This project is sure to keep you focused for hours. Print the Bump Domino complete set overnight and keep printing again in the morning until you’ve got a hefty collection of dominoes to use.

Say “Domin-No” to Bad Weather Woes.

Stack them up, line them up, and set them up to start a massive chain reaction. Print the dominoes in different colors to add even more excitement to the final topple.

Whatever project you choose to fend off weather-induced restlessness, make sure you share your finished projects with us over social media using #MadeWithMODt.




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