Teachers are tasked with a sometimes daunting challenge: capturing the attention of a variety of students with a variety of learning styles. They work tirelessly to find new strategies and technologies to present information and hold their students’ interests. One great way to engage students is 3D printing. Even President Barack Obama noted how important 3D printing is to the future of STEAM during a State of the Union address.

3D printing might seem like a distant space-age technology, but it can be super accessible and fun with New Matter. With the easy-to-use MOD-t, teachers can manufacture manipulatives, make presentations pop and let student projects come alive! The MOD-t is stylish, affordable, and quiet, so printers are no more distracting than a class pet. Teachers can let the MOD-t silently print while they teach or they can actively interact with their printer by structuring lessons around 3D design.

The New Matter MOD-t is a must-have for the classroom.

We’re looking forward to building a community of passionate and innovative educators who use the MOD-t to inspire their students. Thatwhy we’re giving away 300 printers to deserving teachers and schools. Teachers can visit our Education page and apply for the New Matter Educate & Inspire Grants here. Application are due February 5th.

100 schools, school districts, or universities will be awarded a New Matter bundle, complete with three printers, 15 build plates, and 15 (1 kg) spools of filament.

Did we mention it’s all completely free?

If you’re a teacher looking to learn about new technologies, we strongly encourage you to apply. Not a teacher? Support your school, your family’s school, or your community’s school by recommending the New Matter Educate & Inspire Grants to your favorite local educators.

New Matter is here to be an ally to teachers as they explore 3D printing and design in the classroom.We want to see the awesome projects teachers come up with, the designs students create, and what kind of impact introducing something as exciting as 3D printing has on schools.

Teachers interested in adding 3D printing to their curriculum and classroom can also purchase a MOD-t at a discounted price anytime through the New Matter Education site.

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