“My First Prints” is a series of step-by-step guides to get you comfortable with your MOD-t. In this fourth print, you’ll learn about uploading your own designs (or designs you’ve downloaded online) to the store.

We’ve chosen the Spheroid for this project. It’s a New Matter Design, but for the purposes of this project, why don’t you click here and download the .STL file to your computer.

It’s important to note that this file is a .STL file. The New Matter Store only accepts .STL and .OBJ files. This should never be an issue as almost all downloadable 3D models are saved as one of these two files.

Now that you have the Spheroid saved, we’re ready to upload and print!

1. Click on the pink person icon in the top right corner of the New Matter Store. Then click “Upload.”


2. Upload the Spheroid by dragging the .STL file into the grayed out box or by clicking “Browse” and opening the file. Initial View

3. The Spheroid might not be oriented correctly and it might not be the right size. (We made it this way to help you learn how to use this 3D model viewer!) When you download files from online repositories, you might hit similar roadblocks. Use the re-sizing and re-orienting tools at the bottom of the viewer to get your Spheroid laying flat and within the boundaries of the MOD-t.

resize and reorient

4. First, think about how the Spheroid will print. Will it successfully print at its current angle? Probably not! It will, however, print if it’s laying flat. Click on the middle button at the bottom of your viewer to change the orientation. (The button on the right pictured above.)

5. Play around with the orientation options to see what each one does. See that they each make the model rotate on a different axis. Use these buttons to correctly orient your Spheroid.

6. Next, re-size the Spheroid. Click the first of the three buttons at the bottom of the viewer. (The button on the left pictured above.)

7. Re-size the Spheroid by changing the percentage in the box at the bottom of your viewer. It might take a few guesses to get the Spheroid small enough to fit on the MOD-t’s build plate.

8. When you’re done, your model will look like this:


9. Click next to continue! Name your Spheroid and click “Save.” This will put your Spheroid in your library.

upload it!

10. Click the pink person icon in the top left corner of your page and select “Library.” You’ll notice that your Spheroid has appeared as an option to print! (Please note that the red and grey image might not be visible just yet. Sometimes, this model preview is replaced by a grey square. That’s totally okay!)


11. Hover over the Spheroid, click the three dots in the top corner of the image, and select print. You won’t need supports for this print, so be sure to toggle them off. Once you’ve switched supports off, you’re ready to print!

You can use this same process to upload any .STL or .OBJ file into the New Matter Store, making your options for printing seemingly endless!



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