“My First Prints” is a series of step-by-step guides to get you comfortable with your MOD-t. In this second print, you’ll learn about the importance of maintaining your MOD-t’s print surface plate.

We’ve chosen the Bump Dominoes print from the New Matter Store. Because the print has multiple pieces on one build plate, first layer adhesion is critical. If one domino doesn’t stick to the build plate, well…

You can guess what will happen.

1. Before you start this print, remove the build plate from your MOD-t.

2. Use the wire brush that comes with your MOD-t to scratch up the print surface plate. Do this by brushing the bristles against the plate in a diagonal motion. Brush all the way across the print surface plate. Then, brush in the opposite direction.


3. After you’ve scratched, or “roughed,” the print surface plate, use a paper towel with citrus cleaning spray or a pressurized air duster to clear away any excess plate residue. (You can also ensure successful printing by starting this print on a brand new print surface plate. You can buy new plates here.)

4. Print the Bump Dominoes the same way you printed the King Tiki design. Visit the Bump Dominoes design page. For this exercise, you’ll want to print the “Complete Dominoes” file. It should be selected already.


5. Click print.

6. If your print surface plate is properly maintained and prepped, your dominoes will print without a hitch!

Treat all of your print jobs with as much care as you applied to this one. Always rough up your build plate and don’t forget to wipe away excess residue! For even more tips for maintaining your build plate, check out this blog post!


  1. Stankopil.ru

    As an additional consequence, increasing surface area often does little to enhance the strength of the adhesion in this situation. This follows from the aforementioned crack failure – the stress at the interface is not uniformly distributed, but rather concentrated at the area of failure.

  2. Melanie Perkins

    We did this for the first couple of prints, but it’s messy and degrades the print surface. Now we use 3M blue painter’s tape, new tape each time we print. Adhesion is great, and we aren’t creating tons of black powder every time we need to start a print.

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