We’re releasing our newest firmware this week. It will be released to all of our users in waves. You will be prompted to update your firmware to version 0.12.0 when the firmware is available for your MOD-t . We ask that you update your firmware at that time.

We’re excited about the improvements and changes that this firmware brings, some of which you’ll need to be aware of.

Tray Skipping: We’ve made major improvements to reduce print skips.

Print Speed and Quality: We significantly increased our print speed. You’ll notice improvements in the quality of your prints, too.

Updated Homing: We updated our automated homing routine so that it’s even faster and more accurate. The movement will appear different than the process you’re used to. Please do not disturb your MOD-t while it is homing as it may disrupt the process. Let your MOD-t home in peace!

  • First, it will home the X and Y axes. We’ve made this step much faster and your MOD-t will now actively work to align your build plate as it homes.
  • Then, the carriage will lower the nozzle while the build plate moves side to side. Once the nozzle makes contact with the print surface plate, your MOD-t will have its rough Z position.
  • Your MOD-t’s nozzle will heat up.
  • Your MOD-t will repeat the second step two more times, with the MOD-t’s nozzle lightly touching the build plate to complete the high-accuracy homing. The entire process should take about 90 seconds.

Changes to Unloading Filament: To help prevent filament clogs, we’re introducing a new filament unload process.

  • Start the unload process as you usually would: through the New Matter Store or the Desktop App.
  • When you unload filament, your printer will heat up and then extrude about an inch worth of filament.
  • Then, your nozzle’s temperature will be reduced.
  • Finally, your printer will slowly unload filament, much like it did before. Be sure to clean off your nozzle with the wire brush to clear away excess filament.

We hope you enjoy using this firmware and we appreciate any feedback you may have. Should a problem arise or you have any questions or comments about this latest firmware release, please contact our Technical Customer Support team.


  1. Travis


  2. Nicolas


    Looks like a nice update,
    one doubt, when unloading the filament it should go backwards and come out alone? Or I have to pull it out?


    • Madison

      It should come out on its own. If you’re having difficulties with the unload process, check out the support page or read this blog about unloading and loading filament. I find that sometimes, a slight tug helps me with a tricky unload and that specialty filaments I’ve sourced elsewhere tend to give me the most trouble. One thing to watch out for: don’t tug too hard! If you use extreme force or a tool to tug, you could rip the Teflon from the hot end. Hope that helps!

  3. Daniel

    Concerning “Print Speed and Quality” – do we have to adjust something to profit from these changes when using CURA? I still use the profile you provided some months ago in the FAQs…

    • Madison

      No! If you’ve updated the firmware, your print quality and speed will improve regardless of how you send the print. You can, and should, use the same profile in Cura.

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