We’ve released a new version of our firmware. Update your MOD-t’s firmware to version 0.9.0 to enjoy these two new features and several improvements.

Front Panel Flashing

When you send a file to your MOD-t, the front LED will now start blinking rapidly right away. You can now push this fast-blinking button while your file is transferring to tell your MOD-t to automatically start printing once the file transfer is complete. You can also wait to push the button after the file transfer is complete. Both methods work, but of course remember to have the Print Tray and Cover in place.Press the fast-blinking button and you're print will automatically start once file transfer is complete.

Cancelling Print Jobs

You can now also cancel print jobs using the front button on your MOD-t. Press the button once to pause a print. Once the carriage is raised and has come to a complete stop, hold the button for 8-9 seconds. The front LED will stop flashing, indicating that your print was successfully cancelled. Your MOD-t will then return to “Ready to Print.”

Here are all the other improvements you’ll experience after updating your firmware:

  • Resolved status showing ‘Disconnected’ during file transfer.
  • Increased speed of Fast Blinking Light of Front Panel Button.
  • Improved user connectivity with the store.
  • Improved extruder motor function.
  • Improved WiFi connectivity and store connectivity.
  • Improved print quality.
  • Improved logging for WiFi connectivity problems.
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