This week, New Matter launched the New Matter Learning Lab, a brand new forum for educators using the MOD-t. It’s a collaborative space where teachers can share troubleshooting tips, lesson plans, and 3D printing success stories.

We’ve structured the Learning Lab into a few helpful categories and we’re so excited to see the forum abuzz with discussion. Just be sure to follow our guidelines before exploring and posting!

3D Printing in the Classroom

New Matter Learning Lab

We want teachers to introduce and incorporate 3D printing into their curriculum smoothly, so we’ve created a category just for doing so! This is where you can share lesson plans, success stories, logistical tips, and guides to assessing your students.

News and Announcements

category 2

Think of this category as a bulletin board for our Lab users. You can revisit the forum rules and check out MOD-t coupons and updates.

3D Design Software

Learning Lab

We know it can be a little overwhelming getting started with 3D printing. At first, you might want to only print from the New Matter Store or educational design sites, but the real benefit of having a 3D printer is the ability to print 3D designs you or your students have made. The 3D Design category will help guide you through design software until you and your students are designing like pros!


Learning Lab

The New Matter support site provides videos and other helpful resources for troubleshooting, but just in case, we’ve provided an educator-specific troubleshooting topic on the New Matter Learning Lab. Ask fellow educators for help and share your tips for running a successful MOD-t Makerspace.


Learning Lab

Of course, sometimes you might just want to chat with other educators. Check out the off-topic section for any random thoughts or discussions.


Learning Lab Guidelines

  • Respect your peers. Please only post constructive comments.
  • Refrain from using offensive or threatening language.
  • Properly cite or link to any re-published content.
  • Only post content relevant to 3D printing and education.
  • Refrain from solicitation.


We built the New Matter Learning Lab just to help educators and we hope it’s put to good use. What do you think of the forum? Let us know in the comments below!

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