Today, we released a new version of the New Matter Store 3D viewer. This is the screen you see when you upload your own file to the New Matter Store. It’s where you can change the orientation, color, and size of your model.

(Note: The new viewer is compatible with Firefox and Chrome browsers.)

This is what your 3D viewer used to look like:

Old Viewer
Ahh yes. The tranquility of a 3D model floating on a blurry field.

Now, your 3D viewer is much cleaner and easier to use.

To upload a file, drag and drop an .STL or .OBJ into the rectangle shown below. (It’s outlined by the dashed line.) You can also add files by clicking “Browse” and finding the file you’d like.

Initial View
Look how clean! (Just kidding – This is only what your viewer will look like before you load models.)
Toggle through parts.
Here’s the viewer with three model files loaded up.

You may upload multiple pieces of a design by continuing to drag and drop or by browsing and selecting more files. You can access individual uploads by toggling through the tabs.

Edit Options

Re-size your model by selecting the sizing icon. It’s the first of the three buttons on the bottom toolbar shown above.

Change the size of your model by clicking the up and down arrows in the Percentage, X, Y, or Z categories. To accept changes, click the check mark. To cancel these changes, click the X mark.


Re-orient your model by selecting the orientation icon. It’s the second of the three buttons on the main bottom toolbar.Rotate menu

The first of the three orientation options on the bottom bar will tilt your model forward and backward, changing its vertical orientation. The middle option will rotate your model horizontally, in the same way a vinyl record spins on a record player. The third option will roll your model from side to side, changing its horizontal orientation. Again, click the check mark to accept changes and the X mark to cancel changes.

A note about altering the color of your model: You may alter the color of your model by selecting the third icon on the main bottom toolbar. However, this will only change the appearance of your virtual model. Only changing the filament in your MOD-t can change the final color of your print. Use this edit tool only to preview what your print may look like with each color filament. 


You’ll notice that there are some helpful features in the new 3D viewer, too. For example, there are viewing options available by clicking the gear button in the bottom left corner. (Shown above.)

Full screen view

In this menu, you can toggle between a full screen and regular view. Full Screen is shown above.

When Build Space is switched off, you’ll be able to view the bottom of your model. An example of a model with Build Space turned off can be seen below.


You can also choose to make the build space invisible or visible. When the build space is visible, the black, New Matter print surface plate is visible. You’ll also see the build envelope. Below is an example of a situation in which the Build Space is extremely helpful. This vase has been scaled to a size that will not fit in the MOD-t’s build envelope. You can see that it is too tall and wide in the image below. This model needs to be scaled down to fit. You’ll also notice that the incompatible axes, X and Y, are red in the size area to the right. This is another indication that your model is too large.


Finally, we’ve provided an option to reset all changes. You’ll find this underneath the Full Screen and Build Space options in the settings menu. Clicking this will, of course, reset all changes. Again, you can also cancel changes as you work by selecting the X mark on each edit menu.

We hope you enjoy using this new and improved 3D viewer. Let us see what you make using this new viewer and the MOD-t by sharing your creations on social media with #MadeWithMODt!


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  1. ALex

    Nice! Good to know support and enhancement is on-going. Never regret buying the Mod-T

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