Today marks the first day of our 3D Printing Pals Interview series! In the coming weeks, we will be releasing interviews with social media influencers and educators every Friday. Tune in to hear our interviewees talk about their experience with 3D printing and our MOD-t. Check our blog for insight on the experience of the MOD-t if you are planning on purchasing one or use it as a source of inspiration inside or outside the classroom!

To start off the series, we have an interview with David, more commonly known by his Instagram handle, @Flamingprints. David is currently a student and a 3D printing enthusiast!

How long have you been 3D printing?

I have been 3D printing for about one and a half years, but I got into 3D designing about 2 years ago when I first took a CAD class in my school.

What initially interested you about 3D printing?

I was always interested in 3D printing as I can remember; the best part is seeing your creations and ideas come to life right in front of you.

Have you used a 3D printer before the MOD-t? If so, how does your user experience with the MOD-t differ from other 3D printers?

Before the MOD-t, I had a small amount of practice with my school’s Makerbot 5th gen printer. However, our rules were quite strict on what we could do with it in our CAD class but I still loved the experience. Since the Makerbot machine costs approximately $2,500 and the MOD-t costs $300, I don’t see it too fair to compare them as they are two totally different classes of machines. Of course, the print quality is better on the Makerbot for the most part. However, the MOD-t beats the replicator in some areas, such as overhangs and stringing.

There is one thing that you get with the MOD-t that you cannot get anywhere else, which is the overall experience of this printer. Firstly, the customer support is the best I have EVER seen. Secondly, the MOD-t is super easy to set up and use and it is super reliable for me. In fact, I rarely have any problems which is rare because with other printers I’ve seen problems arise often. Next, this is a big one for me, the MOD-t is super quiet; I sleep in the same room as my printer with no problem. Lastly, the overall atmosphere with the printer is great, the online store has great free files that all print perfectly on the MOD-t. I don’t like to be limited by proprietary software, so I love that New Matter allows me to use my desired slicer for complete control over my prints.

How have you used the MOD-t at school?

As I mentioned before, my school teaches 3D printing. I also used my MOD-t to start a small business and for school projects too. I sold 3D printed custom fidget spinners that I would design using the knowledge I learned about 3D modeling. In the end, I managed to get so much money that my printer essentially paid for itself! I also used my printer to make custom props for projects. For example, this is a model of Aluminum Chloride I 3D printed for my Chemistry project. It doesn’t stop there, I plan to do so much more with my MOD-t as a hobby and for school. Eventually, I hope to get a job where I’m heavily involved with 3D printers.

What do you think the coolest project/ object you have made with the MOD-t?

My favorite thing that I have printed is a small fully working car that I designed for a STEM expo my school organized. Many people brought projects about various interesting subjects. I, of course, did a presentation on 3D printing and its ability to change the world. My car, on top of many other prints I have done (I have printed well over 200 objects) was to show that with just 3D printed components you could make a working product. I designed the car to be able to have different tops attached to it for it to look aesthetically better, or even to add functionality. This could include it being able to carry stuff across a room.

In your opinion, what is the future of 3D printing? 

I believe this technology is the future. Printers will only get better and new materials will become available in the consumer market. These days in the 3D printing community we already see filament going down in price, along with the machines themselves. The machines will only get better and more accessible. The filament industry really catches my attention at this time. There are amazing filaments out there apart from the standard PLA. Great innovations like a flexible filament and re-enforced filaments open the doors for so much more.

Anything else you would like to add?    

Overall, I am a huge enthusiast of 3D printing and believe it to be the future. I would have never found my future without the MOD-t.


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