As an innovative instructional tool, 3D printing is making a major impact in classrooms all across the country. Although traditionally used for STEM-focused curriculum, today’s 3D printers have been used in various school programs including art, biology, and history. In truth, 3D Printing is an engaging activity for all subjects in all grades. Whether printing a heart-shaped bookmark for your Valentine in kindergarten or building an intricate DNA helix design in high school, 3D printing can benefit the learning process and critical thinking of students of all ages.

Sample 3D Printing Lesson Plan

Engagement is key! Once a student has designed and created something they can hold, feel and show off, the motivation to build more, learn more, and test limits keeps students totally engaged in real-world learning. Innovative teaching tools, like a 3D printer, also allow kids to experience failure. Not all prints are successful. But fixing the 3D designs, which is a great learning opportunity, usually solves this. Students learn that trying again is an important part of achieving success. Critical problem-solving skills are an important factor in design and implementation.

Take a look at how some teachers have successfully integrated 3D printing in an untraditional manner. With a 3D printer in your classroom, there are no limits to imagination, creativity, and problem solving.


Early-education: Teach shapes by helping kids print circle triangles, squares and rectangles. Introduce conic section, volumes, and areas with printed forms. Evaluate surface area and volume by weight or a rice ‘fill’ measure with ruler to determine center, focus, and direction. Introduce toroid, helices, and parametric curves/surfaces with physical models.



  • Design, print, and calibrate a balance scale
  • Visualize crystal, molecular, orbital geometries




  • Create models of cell structures
  • Identify and print organ parts and discuss their functions


History & Architecture


  • Create a Mission, monument or significant historic building
  • Recreate a battlefield
  • Build individual Rosetta stones and crest
  • Digital sculpting and famous sculptures




  • Design and print fashion accessories (necklaces, bracelets, pendants, etc.)


Explore and Expand!

3D printing is a tool that can enhance every subject and every grade, and the MOD-t offers the perfect solution for educators seeking to take their classrooms to the next level. Learn more about the New Matter MOD-t and find out why it’s the most affordable, reliable and only 3D printer designed specifically for the classroom.


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