Melanie Perkins works as the teacher librarian and technology liaison at Hercules High School. Melanie talks about how she has implemented the MOD-ts in her high school maker club and how the Robotics club plans to use 3D printers this year!

How long have you been 3D printing?

Three years.

What initially interested you about 3D printing?

I have always loved anything technology and new and I have also been a maker for many years.

Have you used a 3D printer before the MOD-t?


If so, how does your user experience of the MOD-t differ from other 3D printers?

MOD-t is much easier to use and understand. I love the MOD-t because it’s simple.  It’s a great machine to introduce students to 3D printing.

How did you hear about the MOD-t?

My daughter-in-law teaches in Sonoma County. She took a maker class at the county office and they have MOD-t 3D printers there. She told me about her experience with them and the low price point.

How has the MOD-t changed the atmosphere of your classroom?

I’m the teacher librarian at Hercules High School.  We have three MOD-t printers in our small makerspace.  Students are incredibly excited about it.  I have a high school maker club with more than 40 members.  The Robotics Club is also planning to use the 3D printers this coming year.  It’s exciting.

How have you incorporated the MOD-t into your classroom curriculum?

I have worked with classroom teachers to help them incorporate it into their curriculum.

In what ways do you believe your students have benefitted from having access to a 3D printer in the classroom?

Technology is the future.  Anything I can do to help my students experience and be comfortable with technology will only make them more valuable employees and world citizens.

In your opinion, what is the future of 3D printing?

The sky’s the limit.  I’m planning to take my students to U.C. Berkeley this year to see the large scale printing they are doing.  Stanford is printing replacement body parts and working on many other medical applications.  Houses?  Cars?  Who knows?

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