Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Up your gifting game using the MOD-t and the New Matter Store. From multi-piece projects to quick prints (for the Cupid on a time-crunch), the New Matter Store is full of designs for your darling. Whether you’re looking to surprise a significant other, family member, or friend, here are 13 store designs for your sweetie.

1. Saladin Earrings (3DShook, $1.00)

With simple earring hooks, you can turn this affordable print into a pair of bold, stylish earrings for the leading lady in your life.

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

2. Box With Hinge (William Moore, $2.99)

Stash chocolate, jewelry, or any other small Valentine’s Day present in this gift wrap that doubles as a beautiful and functional container. Or, write and fold love notes or date ideas and put them in this print for an easy and clever Valentine’s Day present.

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

3. Tangram (New Matter Design Team, free)

Don’t forget about your little ones! Gift your children or younger family members with the Tangram puzzle. (Of course, don’t forget to give them a little bit of candy, too!)

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

4. Swift Necklace (New Matter Design Team, free)

For the Casanova strapped for cash, the Swift Necklace is a free design that becomes a beautiful piece of jewelry with the addition of a chain, string, or piece of ribbon.

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

5. Hug Buddy Business Card Holder (Julie Liang, $1.99)

If the love of your life is a rock star at work, treat them with desk decor that will remind them of you, even on the busiest days. The Hug Buddy has a delightfully friendly face to brighten any desktop.

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

6. Woodlands BFF Keychains (New Matter Design Team, free)

Let your best friend know how important they are to you with this 3D-printed take on friendship necklaces. Give your bestie one half of the deer or rabbit. Or, distribute three of the four pieces to your closest pals and keep a piece for yourself. 3D Printables for Valentine's Day

7. Heart-Shape Eyes Emoji of the Emojis! Collection (New Matter Design Team, free)

If words aren’t your strong suit, communicate your feelings using an Emoji! With big hearts for eyes, the Heart-Shape Eyes Emoji says “I love you” for you!

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

8. Charm Ring (New Matter Design Team, free)

It’s not a 2-carat stunner with a carat worth of micro pave, but the Charm Ring is still a charming gesture to let your loved one know you’re thinking of them. Print the band of this ring using gold filament or paint the print with a coat or two of gold spray paint to make this gift pop even more.

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

9. Twain Necklace (FISH3D Designs, $0.99)

Like the Swift Necklace, the Twain Necklace turns into an amazing gift with the addition of a jewelry chain or string. Created by FISH3D Designs, the Twain Necklace is the perfect gift for the trendy Valentine.

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

10. Heart Clip (New Matter Design Team, free)

Use this cute paperclip to add a little something extra to any Valentine’s Day card.

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

11. Heart Card Holder (New Matter Design Team, free)

Like the Heart Clip, the Heart Card Holder is a quick and easy way to amp up your  Valentine’s Day cards.

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

12. Mini Planter (New Matter Design Team, free)

Why give your Valentine a bouquet of flowers when you can plant your own flowers with the Mini Planter?

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

13. Heart Buttons (New Matter Design Team, free)

If you’re skilled with thread and needle, knit your significant other a sweater, scarf, or other warm goody and sew on the easy-to-print heart buttons for a sweet, personalized gift.

3D Printables for Valentine's Day

Which prints would you give to your Valentine? If you try any of these prints out, make sure to show off your gift! Share your prints on social media using #MadeWithMODt.

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  1. Cameron

    Sweet! I looooove the woodland creature keychains. The hug business card holder is adorable!

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