One of the great benefits of owning a 3D printer is the convenience of printing household necessities with the push of a button. You can organize your things, decorate your home, and personalize any space using 3D-printed goods. The New Matter Store contains all kinds of designs for the home, school, and office.

These are the 12 essential New Matter Store designs every 3D printer should print for the home.

1. Belt Hanger (New Matter Design Team – free)

Slip belts into this hanging organizer to avoid nests of tangled leather and messy drawers of belts.

Belt Organizer by the New Matter Design Team
It’s so simple, yet so effective.

2. Coasters (New Matter Design Team, Tatyana Bulgakova, Tosh, and Hratch Gagossian – free to $4.99)

When it comes to home decor, there are few things worse than a beautiful piece of wood marred by a water ring. Protect your possessions with 3D-printed coasters. The New Matter Store offers a variety of coasters to best fit your personal style aesthetic. The Shimmering Square and Circle coasters, Tatyana Bulgakova’s Lace Coaster and Tosh’s Tree Coaster add elegance to tabletops while Hratch Gagossian’s Splat! Coaster is a playful way to protect furniture.

Splat! Coaster available on the New Matter Store.
Enjoy a morning cup of coffee… beans.

3. Box with Hinge (William Moore – $2.99)

The Box with Hinge is an ingenious, 3-piece design you’ll want to mass produce for the home. It’s classic enough to fit into any environment and roomy enough to hold a plethora of household goods.

Box with Hinge available on the New Matter Store.
“What’s in the box???”

4. Crocodile Doorstop (New Matter Design Team – free)

For doors that need propping, why settle for a standard, brown, rubber doorstop? The Crocodile Doorstop is sure to add character to any room while serving its function of holding doors open. It’s pretty much the most useful “crocodile” you’ll ever find.

Croc Doorstop by the New Matter Design Team.
Chomping at the bit to prop doors open.


5. Bookends (New Matter Design Team – free)

Display your favorite books while honoring your favorite cities with the Vegas Bookends, New York Bookends, and LA Bookends. Or don’t play favorites and use all three.

LA Bookends available on the New Matter Store.
We’re partial to the LA Bookends.

6. Aztec Card Holder (New Matter Design Team – free)

Print the Aztec Card Holder to display important information in the home. Print a handful to use as place setting holders for a fancy dinner or just print one to prop up holiday cards. You can also use the Aztec Card Holder as a go-to place for important papers, like notes for a babysitter or emergency contact information.

Aztec Card Holder Available on the New Matter Store.
Slip paper into front slit. And that’s it!

7. Secret Shelf (Tosh – free)

Utilize wall space while storing hidden treasures. Stash money and notes, or create a rainy day treasure hunt by hiding goodies in shelves and drawing up a treasure map!

Secret Shelf- available on the New Matter Store.
(Money not included.)

8. Space Decals (New Matter Design Team – free)

Always sleep under the stars by printing and hanging the Space Decals. Print in Polar White or Natural, evenly apply two coats of Glow-In-The-Dark paint and adhere to the ceiling using Sticky Tack for a stellar (and quick) craft project.

Find the 12 Essential Prints for your Home.
Look how they shine for you…

9. Table Battery Holders (New Matter Design Team – $2.99)

Ditch your batteries’ confusing, uniform packaging and store your batteries in 3D-printed Table Battery Holders. We suggest printing your holders in a variety of colors so you can quickly discern AA and AAA batteries.

Find the 12 Essential Prints for your Home.
Looks like we’re running low on batteries.

10. Draining Soap Dish (Jason Hough – $1.99)

Don’t let your bar soap become a muddled mess. Put a Draining Soap Dish next to every sink in your house to preserve your soap and your sink tops.

Find the 12 Essential Prints for your Home.
Elevate your soap style.

11. Mini Planter (New Matter Design Team – free)

Cultivate a tiny garden with an assortment of Mini Planters. Perfect for petite plants, small succulents, or bitty bushes.

Find the 12 Essential Prints for your Home.
A ball of floral joy.

12. Easy Keyrack (Salvatore Lorenzen – $1.99)

We’re not sure what’s easiest – printing the Easy Keyrack, hanging it, or keeping track of your keys once you use it. Regardless, this design is crucial for anybody who’s prone to losing keys. That’s pretty much everybody.

Find the 12 Essential Prints for your Home.
This key rack is key when keeping tabs on keys.

Which designs have you printed for your home? Make sure to share your 3D-printed home essentials with us on social media using #MadeWithMODt!




  1. Jesse

    Love these! The mini planter and Las Vegas bookends are my favorite. Thanks for the roundup 🙂

  2. Evol

    I love the space decals! I printed stars in pink and a moon in natural. I brought them over to my favorite record store and added them to the David Bowie memorial.

  3. Billy

    Can you make a San deigo bookend? ?

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