Get lesson plans, a beginner’s guide to 3D printing in the classroom, and much more!

In recent years, 3D printing has grown rapidly as an effective instructional tool in primary, secondary, and higher education classrooms. For educators, the New Matter MOD-t is the simplest, most reliable way to adopt 3D printing into the classroom.

These educational resources will show you how to get started with 3D printing in the classroom, as well as provide an overview of the many ways 3D printing can enhance your students’ learning experiences in the classroom.

The New Matter Forum

A 3D printing forum for educators.

Introducing the New Matter Forum, a forum for educators to share ideas about 3D printing in the classroom. Use the lab to share your own tips and success stories and learn how other educators are using 3D printing to enrich their students’ learning experiences. Visit the New Matter Forum.



The New Matter Blog

The New Matter Blog is your source for 3D printing information, MOD-t maintenance tips, tricks for successful printing, how-to guides and more.


Customer Support

Technical help from New Matter’s experts.

Whether you’re having trouble with advanced 3D print settings, or simply need a hand getting your new MOD-t set up, check out our support resources and get in touch with our team at